Update on the WISE Initiative – Welcoming*Inclusive*Supportive*Engaged*

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As we continue to follow Safer at Home guidelines for worship, your WISE Team asks you to continue your WISE education at home. We encourage you to click below to watch two videos that explore mental health issues:

  • Mental Health: What is it and why should I care?
  • Companionship: An Introduction

Mental Health: Why Should I Care/ Companionship

Four additional videos give good insights into Ebenezer’s WISE initiative:

  • The Power of Personal Story and Breaking the Silence on Mental Illness
  • Minority Mental Health—What Does Faith Have To Do With It?
  • The “Big Three” Mental Illnesses
  • Self‐care for the Selfless

Videos with insights on mental health

An article by Rev. Megan Snell shares words of hope in these uncertain, and often overwhelming, times.  She suggests we focus on three “G” ideas as we navigate these uncharted waters: Gratitude, Grace, and Give It To God. Click below for the article.

Article by Rev. Megan Snell

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