Renew Our Vision

~ As we join our hearts in worship, may the spirit renew our vision that we may see the living Christ in ways that heal and bring life.

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Join in Sunday worship. The video link below is available starting at 7 am on Sunday, April 26.

Sunday, April 26, 2020 worship service

Words of Encouragement


Click below 1) Rev. Alan Johnson speaks at the UCC  General Synod 30 on behalf of the Resolution for Developing WISE Congregations for Mental Health.  2) Rev. Johnson shares Words of Encouragement during this time of crisis.

Rev. Alan Johnson speaks as a proponent of the WISE Initiative

Words of Encouragement by Rev. Alan Johnson, UCC Mental Health Network Chair

Worship Sunday, April 19, 2020

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– We are here, Holy One, longing to experience the Peace of Jesus the Christ.  As we offer our whole selves to you, may your Spirit stir among us—renewing and refreshing us—so that we can be ready to serve you by loving and caring for others.

  • Click on the worship video link to watch and listen.  The video is available starting at 7 am on Sunday, April 19.

Click for Worship video

Update on the WISE Initiative – Welcoming*Inclusive*Supportive*Engaged*

WISE-Ministry-Logo Welcoming* Inclusive* Supportive* Engaged* 

As we continue to follow Safer at Home guidelines for worship, your WISE Team asks you to continue your WISE education at home. We encourage you to click below to watch two videos that explore mental health issues:

  • Mental Health: What is it and why should I care?
  • Companionship: An Introduction

Mental Health: Why Should I Care/ Companionship

Four additional videos give good insights into Ebenezer’s WISE initiative:

  • The Power of Personal Story and Breaking the Silence on Mental Illness
  • Minority Mental Health—What Does Faith Have To Do With It?
  • The “Big Three” Mental Illnesses
  • Self‐care for the Selfless

Videos with insights on mental health

An article by Rev. Megan Snell shares words of hope in these uncertain, and often overwhelming, times.  She suggests we focus on three “G” ideas as we navigate these uncharted waters: Gratitude, Grace, and Give It To God. Click below for the article.

Article by Rev. Megan Snell

Easter Sunday Worship – April 12, 2020

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  • Alleluia!  The tomb is empty, the stone is rolled away; Jesus is risen!  With hearts that are weary, yet rejoicing, we gather to hear the Good News:  of hope reborn, of love enduring, of life in all its fullness.
  • Click on the worship video link to watch and listen.

Easter Sunday Worship video

Good Friday Worship – April 10, 2020

candle and Bible  Holy One, as we gather in your Presence on this sacred day, you know that we yearn to ‘fast-forward’ to the celebration of resurrection.  Yet, the path of this journey leads here with you.  Give us, we pray: ears to hear, eyes to see, spirits that are open, and feet that are willing to follow.  Amen. 

Click below to join in worship.

YouTube video of Good Friday worship 

Maundy Thursday worship – April 9, 2020

Holy and Loving God, as we seek to receive this story with our whole selves –
In moving closer to Christ and his crucified love,
may we draw closer to you and your beloved world.   20190418_183839

  – You may click on the worship video below to watch and listen.  

Maundy Thursday worship with Communion – all are welcome at Christ’s table

Palm Sunday Worship – April 5, 2020

On this Palm Sunday, join in worship – We trust that you are here, O God.  We trust that your Love still lives and moves among us.  So stay with us, we pray…hear our songs and prayers, fill us with love, and send us out ready to face the future. 

Palm Sunday

  • We share the Sacrament of Communion during the Palm Sunday YouTube Worship Service.  Please come to worship with bread or crackers and juice.
  • At Ebenezer, all who seek to follow in Christ’s way are invited to share in Communion.
  • Bulletin 4-5-2020
  • Palm Sunday worship video